Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Noir Pencil Blending Stumps

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Product Description

Spectrum Noir Pencil Blending Stumps have been designed to allow for stunning blending effects when used with Spectrum Noir Blending Solution.

  • create depth and add shading to colored images using
  • sand able after use to create a clean blending surface
  • multiple sizes so you always have the perfect option for your projects

Directions for using your Spectrum Noir Paper Stumps:

    1. Pour a small amount of our Spectrum Noir Blending Fluid into the lid of the bottle.
    2. Dip one end of an appropriately sized paper stump for the area you wish to blend into the blending fluid.
    3. Using a circular motion, blend the line between two pencil colors together for a smooth and seamless result.
    4. As your paper stump gets dull, or you wish to use it with other colors – use aPaper Stump Sander , to sand the end of the stump back to a point.


  • Weight: 0.1 lb
  • Width: 0.5 in
  • Depth: 3.15 in
  • Height: 9.5 in

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