Fiskars Deluxe 12 Inch Paper Trimmer with Aluminum Cut Rail (Out of Stock)



SKU: F154560

Product Description

Make straighter, more precise cuts than ever before with this Fiskars Aluminum Cut Rail Trimmer!


  • Ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials including paper, photos and up to two sheets of 110-lb. cardstock
  • Sturdy, reinforced aluminum cut rail ensures straight cuts, never curved or wobbly
  • Line-of-sight window makes it easy to see where blade will cut for unmatched accuracy
  • Highlighted grid lines and larger numbers make exact measurements easy
  • Widest base on the market (6-1/4) offers plenty of room for card cutting
  • Self-leveling swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to over 15″ to cut extra-large crafting materials with precision
  • Built-in smudge guard keeps your materials fingerprint-free
  • Rail lock secures the smudge guard so materials can’t shift while you cut
  • Rubberized feet provide stability
  • Works with blade style K
  • 12 inch cut length


  • Weight: 1.4 lb
  • Width: 1.5 in
  • Depth: 10.25 in
  • Height: 18 in

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