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Conductor Of Light

Essentials of Ellen Conductor of Light 12th Anniversary stamp set

Ellen is an amazing colleague and very dear friend—it’s truly an honor and a privilege for me to work with her and to be a part of her company’s growth.  Ellen herself is one of those individuals who radiates positivity and light . . . When I was asked if I’d like to illustrate a special set for the company’s 12th anniversary, this expression, from Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, instantly came to mind—it makes me think of her and vice versa!

Happy 12th Anniversary, my friend!

Essentials by Ellen Conductor of Light 12th Anniversary stamp set


  • Prep your paper surface with an anti-static pouch to avoid stray embossing powder marks.
  • When using Copic/alcohol markers, color your images from the back; the alcohol formula tends to “etch” away embossing (with the exception of clear EP), blemishing your marker tips and ruining your artwork.
  • Use brighter colors when coloring the back side of vellum; it will become diffused.
  • Alcohol markers will dry on the surface of vellum, but will also reactivate when you blend colors together.
  • Layer your vellum panel against a white-ish background so the colors will have more visual “pop”.


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