Cardmaking Tools: Scoring Board & Bone Folder

There are a few basic cardmaking tools that make creating much easier and more fun! Today let’s talk about two of them, a scoring board and a bone folder.

What is a scoring board?

A scoring board is a plastic platform with measurements and grooves that allow you to score your paper for easy folding. We love this tool not only for creating perfectly folded card bases but also for making adorable treat boxes and custom envelopes.

Why score?

Scoring creates a line in the paper that guides the fold, which reduces cracked or sloppy folds and gives your handmade cards a more polished appearance. Scoring can also be a fun way to add decorative, dimensional patterns.

Scoring board available in the EH shop…

The scoring boards currently available in the shop vary in size and color but they are all wonderful products! Choosing one might depend on the amount of space available on your desk, the color you like your tools to be, or which measurements markings are easier for you to see.

What is a bone folder?

A bone folder is a dull-edged hand tool used to fold and crease material in crafts that require a sharp crease or fold. Currently all the scoring boards available in the Ellen Hutson shop come with a small bone folder but our very favorite is the Teflon Bone Folder!

Originally discovered by Ellen in 2006, this Bone Folder is truly revolutionary! The use of Teflon in its production makes it a cut above traditional bone folders due to its non-stick properties and makes it safe to use with adhesives, inks, paints and more. Teflon makes clean up a breeze! It will not leave burnishing marks or “shine” on your paper like other bone folders. They are also chemically inert, non-corrosive and non-contaminating. This makes it an ideal tool for conservators as this is truly acid-free.

See the scoring board & Teflon bone folder in action in this quick video…


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