8 Ways To Use The MISTI

The MISTI is an incredibly versatile & useful tool to have in your craftroom for stamping and cardmaking! And today we have 8 fun ways to use the MISTI that you will love!

#1. Stamping

This one is obvious right? The MISTI is like a really fabulous, upgraded acrylic block for stamping! The hinge design gives precise results!

#2. Mass Producing

Once the stamps are set up in the MISTI, it is so easy to stamp multiples of the same design! Perfect for holiday cards!

#3. Rainbow Stamping

The ability to stamp multiple times in precisely the same spot lets you use multiple ink colors for a rainbow effect.

#4. Repeat Stamping

The MISTI gives you accurate spacing for creating repeated designs.

#5. Faux Watercolor

This is one of Carly’s favorite techniques with any type of acrylic block but the MISTI allows you to add more ink & water for a dreamy watercolor look.

#6. Ink Smooshing

This is another fun technique with any acrylic block but did you know you can use your MISTI to create it too?

#7. Shading

Stamp once with a solid stamp and then use a blending brush to add another color before stamping again to create shading.

#8. Tie Dye

Another fun way to dress up a solid image is to use a little scrap plastic and a second color of ink before stamping again for a tie dye effect.

See a little bit more about these techniques in Carly’s video…


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  • Reply Laura September 19, 2019 at 1:37 pm

    Great tips Carly! Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply waterhiker1 September 19, 2019 at 7:57 pm

    Wow!! Versatile use of the Misti! Thanks!

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