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Ink Blending Tips & Tricks

Ink blending is a wonderful cardmaking technique and we’ve got some tips & tricks to get great blended results every time!

Good morning! Ardyth here with a quick look at ink blending for this month’s Innovations with Ardyth. 

Ink blending is a basic skill in a cardmaker’s repertoire but I know that there are people who find it challenging. Hey, I find it challenging! It takes patiences and that’s not something I always have a lot of!

In my video, I talk about tips and tricks for getting good blending results, as well as different inks, papers, blending tools and surfaces. Everyone who ink blends has their preferences, so it’s good to try out a few things to see what works best for you.

Then I’ll show you how I made a card using only masking and ink blending!
Like any technique, ink blending takes practice and patience but once you figure out which combination of tools works for you, you’re on your way to beautiful results!


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