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Do you look for alternative ways to use your tools and supplies? Julie is here to share two fun and clever ways of using the upcoming Skelly Add-On Dies!

When I’m having a bad day, I often comment on how a voodoo doll would significantly improve my “ill” mood.  I’m especially excited about the upcoming Skelly Add-On, which, in conjunction with the upcoming Ginger Boy Die Set are the PERFECT antidote!  (Pssssst!  There’s a Ginger GIRL coming, too!!! EEP!!!) Combine one of these charming, handmade cuties with the Bad Day Stamp Set and you’ve got a hilarious, chuckle-inducing little gift! 

Blanket Stitch Tutorial referenced in video below is linked HERE and begins at 2:32 minutes in.

And, how ‘bout ‘dem cupcake toppers?! I just love how my paper “calaveras de azúcar” (sugar skulls) turned out!  Día de Muertos is a colorful and joyful holiday, originating in México and but also celebrated in other Latin American countries.  It is intended to honor and remember ancestors and loved ones that have passed on.  If you’re interested in learning more, here is a brief article, with photography, by:  National Geographic 

Skelly Add-On Dies, Bad Day Stamp Set, Ginger Boy and so much more will be available October 9th! Until then, we’re going to continue sharing inspiring ideas and projects here on the blog, our Instagram Feed, and Facebook Page!


  • Peel N Stick is fantastic for gluing layers of felt together and there is no “dry time” involved!
  • Apply Peel N Stick to felt (or fabric), before die cutting shapes.  
  • The Ginger Boy (and Girl) Dies will have optional stitching hole dies to help keep your stitches evenly spaced.
  • Do embroidery work prior to stitching layers together so you can conceal knots, etc.
  • You can stitch felt plushies together with a variety of stitches (running, straight, whip); Julie likes using the blanket stitch, which takes a little more time, but offers a lovely decorative finish.  Blanket Stitch tutorial link HERE.
  • Felt plushies can be stuffed with a variety of items, depending on the age of the intended recipient, such as yarn, cotton or wool fibers, potpourri, plastic pellets or Polyfil (which can be found at most discount department stores). CAUTION:  For small children, avoid stuffing materials that could present a choking hazard.


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  • Reply Barbara-Jean Kubik October 5, 2020 at 9:36 am

    We could all use a voodoo doll from time to time! Cupcake toppers are.delightful too!

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