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Create Cute and Cuddly Rainbow Plushies with the Essentials by Ellen Rainbow Felt Die Set

It’s official, you cannot make/see one of these cute rainbow felt plushies and not want to give them a cuddle and squeeze. Giggles and Smiles guaranteed! EH Design Ambassador Emily Mydlowski is sharing serious cuteness overload today!!These products – and more – will be available on Friday the 20th at 9AM PST!

Hi Friends! Today, I’m sharing cuddly & cute rainbow plushies using felt color combinations from the EBE Wool Felt Color Pop Collection and the EBE Wool Felt 12 Days of Christmas Collection and the soon-to-be released Rainbow Felt Die Set. The EBE Felt Collections are great because it lets you sample several colors to mix and match but you can also purchase all the colors I used separately. If you are looking to make multiple rainbows, I recommend picking up a full pack of Linen, White or a nice Light Gray, Dark Gray or Blue felt to create multiple clouds and rainbow backgrounds. 

Sew Easy Rainbow Rainbow Plushie Instructions

Die Cutting:

  • Rainbow Base: 
    • Die Cut two rainbow base pieces. For the Pastel rainbow, I used two pieces of Linen Felt. For the Color Pop rainbow, I used a piece of Linen Felt for the front and Caribbean Felt for the back. 
    • Align the stitching holes die to the rainbow bases and run through your favorite die cutting machine. Make sure you align the stitching holes as far away from the rainbow base edge as possible. 
  • Clouds: Die Cut four cloud bases and then add the stitching holes. 
  • Rainbow Beams: Pick your favorite rainbow felt color combinations and die cut each color. I’ve listed my rainbow color combinations below.

Tip: If you are going to create several rainbow plushies and want to speed up the appliqué process, I recommend adding sheets of Peel and Stick to your felt colors before die cutting.

Bubble Gum, Carnation, Ahi, Tangerine, Creamsicle, Maize, Sprout, Spearmint, Caribbean, Ocean, Baby Blue, Linen, Charcoal, Medium Tinsel


I secured the rainbow beams to rainbow base before starting any sewing. I used two appliqué methods (1) Glue Gun (Color Pop Plushie) and (2) Peel n Stick Tape (Pastel Plushie). Both options successfully secured the rainbow beams, but I definitely enjoyed the look and method of using the Peel n Stick Tape. For the Peel n’ Stick Method, I cut little strips of tape, adhered the strips to the back of the felt rainbow beams and then removed the back of each sticky strip as I appliquéd the felt to the rainbow base.  

Stitching & Stuffing:

This is the best part because it’s SEW EASY with the stitching holes already in place. I used a running stitch on all my pieces. For the Pastel rainbow, I used a light purple floss for the rainbow and winter white floss for the clouds. For the Color Pop Rainbow, I used an aqua floss for both the rainbow and clouds. 

Before completing the first round of stitching, I left a small opening to add Poly-Fill stuffing. The Sizzix Stuffing Tool was a huge help in getting the Poly-Fill into all the right spaces. After I added all the filling, I continued with the rest of the running stitches to close the opening and secure the plushie together.

Finishing touches:

Once all the plushies were filled and stitched together, I attached the clouds to the rainbows. For the Color Pop Rainbow, I sewed the clouds to the rainbow and for the Pastel Rainbow I used Peel n Stick Tape. Both options work great, but the Peel n’ Stick method was super easy and very secure. After attaching the clouds, I added their cute smiling, winking, sleeping faces with black and gray felt. With a Q-Tip, I applied pink blush from my make-up bag for the sweet little cheeks. 

Color Pop Rainbow Plushie

Felt Colors: Ahi, Carnation, Tangerine, Sprout & Caribbean

Pastel Sleepy Time Rainbow Plushie

Felt Colors: Bubble Gum, Creamsicle, Maize, Spearmint & Baby Blue

So there we are friends, two cute and cuddly rainbow plushies; Giggles and Smiles Guaranteed 🙂


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  • Reply Andre M. November 16, 2020 at 9:10 am

    These plushies are adorable and look fab in both the pastel and bright palettes.

  • Reply Lagene November 16, 2020 at 10:12 am

    So CUTE!

  • Reply tsurutadesigns1 November 16, 2020 at 5:40 pm

    super cute!!!

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