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What can you do when you don’t have the right stencil for the job? Julie is sharing an easy solution for making your own sunray style stencil!

Hello, everyone! Julie here with an easy way to create a sunray background when you don’t have a stencil on hand–or what you do have isn’t the right size, or doesn’t have the angle you need . . . I’d tell you to ask me how I know, but instead, I’m gonna recommend you watch the video and see how I solved my problem, LOL!


  • For the best symmetrical results, make sure your pencil tick marks are aligned (left side lines up with right side, top tick marks are aligned with bottom tick marks; using a grid helps but you can also use a T-square)
  • You can customize the outer width and number of sunrays by adjusting the spacing of your tick marks;
  • When blending the ink, use heavier pressure at the outer edges and less as you blend towards the center point.
  • Don’t have Post-It™️Notes? You can make your own masks by taking quarter sheets of typing paper and applying Zig Two Way Glue Pen along one of the long edges; allow it to dry completely. This glue is tacky and repositionable when dry.
  • Pre-plan where you want to place your embellishments; it speeds up the process when you begin gluing them them down.
  • The Jewel Picker Tool and the Bearly Art Glue (which dries clear–YAY!!) Fine Tip Nozzle make it possible to glue down teeny, tiny embellishments without losing your mind. Ask me how I know . . .


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