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Creative Gift Card Holders: 4 Tips for Using Happy Mail Die and Library Card Pocket Dies

When it comes to gift-giving, adding a personal touch can make all the difference. DIY gift card holders are a fantastic way to enhance the presentation of your gift and show your creativity. In this blog post, join Brand Ambassador Daniel to explore some exciting tips and ideas for crafting unique gift card holders using the Party Time Stamps, Happy Mail die and Library Card Pocket dies from Ellen Hutson LLC. Let’s dive in and discover how to elevate your gift-giving game!

Hey, y’all!! Daniel, here, with some really fun ideas for creating gift card holders with the e Party Time Stamps, Happy Mail die and Library Card Pocket dies!! These are super addictive, so be warned — hahaha. Let’s get started!!

TIP 1 — Choose High-Quality Materials:

To create stunning and durable gift card holders, start with premium materials. Get the best you can. I just loved the feel of thick cardstock and sturdy goods when I work. Opt for heavy cardstock, like Concord & 9th Nectar. You can cut your own patterns for these things, but the Happy Mail die and Library Card Pocket dies from Ellen Hutson ensure a lovely finished edge to your projects.

TIP 2 — Explore Versatile Designs:

Use the Library Card Pocket dies to incorporate removable elements into your gift card holders. Consider adding tabs to hold additional surprises like handwritten notes or small trinkets. Here, I used the Treat Yo Shelf dies together with the Block Words dies to create a sentiment insert. I also colored the cardstock with Apricot Ink from Catherine Pooler by pressing the pad directly onto the front of the insert.

When you need to place the insides of letters like from the Block Words dies, add a little glue to the back of the little piece. Then, use the die cut letter to guide its placement. Just pop in the letter with no glue and place the tiny bit inside the letter, press for a second, and remove the letter. Now, it’s perfectly placed.

Look closely at my balloon background panel. I dropped my acrylic block and it splotched up my panel. Good thing my library card holder covered it up!!

TIP 3 — Embrace Personalization:

Customization adds a heartfelt touch to your gift card holders. Utilize stamps, stencils, or even your own handwriting to embellish the holders with names, dates, or personalized messages. Here, I used the Party Time by Vera Kuprik EBE stamps to fill the front of my holders with birthday celebration vibes.

For this mail box gift card holder, I masked the images in with pieces of Post It Tape. I adhered the cover to the tabs with liquid adhesive, placing my gift card in the holder before closing it up. Then, I laid a big honking acrylic block on the top for a few moments until the glue set.

TIP 4 — Experiment with Different Themes:

Gift card holders can be tailored to fit various occasions and themes. Consider using themed patterned paper, stamps, or embellishments to create holders for birthdays, holidays, weddings, or graduations. Explore seasonal motifs, colors, and symbols to evoke the right mood and make the gift-giving experience truly memorable. For my projects, I used a warm birthday palette of reds, peaches and oranges.

Crafting your own gift card holders allows you to infuse your personal style into your gift-giving. With the Happy Mail die and Library Card Pocket dies from Ellen Hutson LLC, you can create stunning and unique holders that go beyond the ordinary. Remember to experiment with designs, personalize your creations, and add interactive elements and embellishments to make your gift card holders truly special. The next time you want to give a gift card, let your creativity shine through with a DIY gift card holder that will leave a lasting impression. Happy crafting!



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