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Pantone Classic Blue In Watercolor

Are you looking for tips on using Daniel Smith watercolors and adding new colors like the Pantone Classic Blue to your collection? We can help!

Hello again – second time in a week! I’m Sandy Allnock, the one who got you excited about making another chart, and this time I brought my friend Lisa Spangler with me!

In my video today I’m going to talk more about Pantone’s Classic Blue Color of the Year for 2020 – this time in watercolor! The video shows a simple way you can test a new tube of paint when you get it, mixing it with the Daniel Smith Essentials set (which I highly recommend for everyone, since it’s got warms and cools to mix everything with!)

The “X” works great for most new colors you’re testing; reds don’t really need to be tested with other reds, but if you get a green you want to test, just make an asterisk (*) instead to have more “points” to mix with all the red, yellow, and blues.

You can also do some testing like I did, making a card at the same time. I love that my brush touched a few colors together so I got some fun little bleeds that make it more expressive! I added the two sentiment pieces from Mondo Sakura.

The measurements for this – I made 1” x 1” boxes, and you need three of them for a 3” x 3” block altogether; if you’re using a 4-1/4 wide paper, there’s a .625” border left and right. I left a 1” border at the top. You don’t necessarily have to do them in the order I did, either – just pick two to mix, and write down what they were. Then take a picture on your phone before you send off the card, so you have a record of the colors you tried out!

Now over to Lisa!

Hi all! I geek out over the Pantone Color of the Year every single year — and this year is no exception! Love me some classic blue. I’m with Sandy on testing new colors by mixing them with the Daniel Smith Essentials set. Why, you might ask? Well, I spent quite some time exploring color mixing with this lil set over the years and it’s become a tried and trusted friend. So of course I had to make some swatches with Prussian blue in my color journal. 

I  like to start off by doing a row of just Prussian blue up at the top of my sketchbook, swishing my brush in water after each blob to to clean off a little pigment. Then I like to make blobs of all six essential colors and let them mingle on the paper. Fast and fun!

I wanted to play some more, so I cut a piece of watercolor paper to the size of a card front and went to town! Check out my time-lapse video HERE in my Instagram stories to see it in action. 

It’s kinda mesmerizing watching that paint move, amiright? Who says learning can’t be fun! One quick note: all the blues on the card are Prussian blue — I left the two blues in the Essentials on the sidelines for this one. Sorry, Phthalo and French Ultramarine!

To finish up, I just added the “Thank YOU” sentiment from EBE That Thing You Did. I thought about adding some bling but nope — decided to keep it clean and simple.

Your recipient doesn’t need to know that you’re sending them a card you PRACTICED on. Just make it something pretty with blobs, stripes, or a grid, and learn while making something you can use to encourage another person!

In coming months we’ll share more about color mixing, picking colors, and more – so stick around and we’ll learn lots together in 2020!

Sandy and Lisa


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  • Reply barbara lassiter January 13, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    Sandy and Lisa….two of my favorites for great inspiration, and classic blue for color of the year. Couldn’t be better! 🙂

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