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3 Ways to Style the NEW Pyramid Box for Halloween!

Whether your style is spooky or sweet, Heather’s got you covered with 3 ways to style the brand new Pyramid Box Die!

It’s my favorite time of year and nothing gets ideas sparking for me like a versatile box die – a design that works for loads of things all year long – but I’m especially fond when it works really well for spooky season. First up, a whimsical witch hat (that gives me as many Harry Potter vibes as it does Halloween) …

Recreating this idea is easy peasy:

  • pick your favorite color and cut the box (you get a complete Pyramid Box from a single sheet of cardstock) and a circle for the brim
  • add a few stars: I used the Tiny Stars Hot Foil Stamp, but stamps and ink work wonderfully too (I think it would be awesome to emboss glow-in-the dark-stars too – eep!)
  • adhere lid of Pyramid Box to circle base, fill, and close (adhering just the lid means you can make in advance and fill it when you’re ready AND the recipient doesn’t have to destroy it to get it open)

TIP: I love the simple, elegant look of the hat without additional embellishment, but you could easily dress it up with a small star or tag with a name or greeting, even add strips of color to each side to form a “band.”

It doesn’t get much easier than this! If you’re making a lot of treats this season, this is your go-to design: loads of ways to customize and FAST.

Next up, the Pyramid Box is transformed into a sweet little broom. Not only is it a fantastic complement to the hat above, but with a few color changes to the tags it’s an adorable treat for a fan of classic Mickey Mouse and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice …

This version has a few more steps, but nothing hard …

  • start with broom-colored cardstock and die cut box (I used Kraft, but so many colors would do: shades of tan, brown, straw, or yellow immediately pop to mind, but you could use any color you’re drawn to)
  • pick a stamp you love to add texture and stamp it in embossing ink: the Rustic Woodgrain background stamp worked beautifully! Optional: emboss with clear powder for added dimension and shine
  • assemble box, then push a “handle” through the top, depending on what you choose, it may require a bit of gentle force to push through (mine did). Don’t be alarmed if it makes the top look broken and wonky, you’re gonna’ hide that in the next step with twine
  • where the handle and box meet, wrap with natural twine until you like the look. I secured the end of the twine with a dab of hot glue
  • Optional: embellish with tags (I used a small star from the Essential Stars Die set and added a tag from the Mini Tags Die Set)

TIP: If you use a stamp with a directional pattern to create texture on your broom like I did, die cut extra pyramid boxes and cut the triangle sides into individual shapes to stamp and emboss. Yes, it means using a little more paper, but you’ll be able to stamp your images without futzing with masking a directional shape. If you go this route, simply add the individual triangles to your assembled box and complete the other steps.

TIP Too: If you want to save some time, skip adding texture with a stamp and use Essentials by Ellen Woodgrain Embossed Cardstock in Tan.

Last but not least, it’s the perfect shape for candy corn …

While this one’s the fussiest to make, it’s my favorite. For a twist on the traditional, I made it in shades of pink, but it would be adorable in traditional colors too. There are a few ways to bring this design together, but here’s what I did …

  • cut and assemble box (I chose a white base, but sky’s the limit here)
  • Optional: like in the tip above, I die cut extra boxes and cut the sides into individual triangles. I find this step makes it easier to add the colored stripes – and keep them neat and tidy for a polished result – instead of adhering them to the box directly. (However, you can add stripes directly to the base)
  • choose your candy corn colors, cut into stripes, adhere to individual panels, and trim what overlaps
  • adhere individual panels to box

TIP: If you want to add a slight curve to your stripes – and don’t feel comfy free-hand cutting them – use a large oval or circle die to create a gentle slope, and cut multiple pieces of cardstock at once, taking care to line your layers up with each cut (depending on the thickness of cardstock you’re using and your die cutting machine, the number of layers you can do at once will vary)

Thanks for reading – I hope this inspires you to make a few fall treats!

Psst … one more thing. I’ve shown the box for spooky season in the post today, but rest assured you’ll see it styled in so many other ways: Santa and elf hats, Christmas Trees, turned on its side as cute holiday mouse, or even a snowy mountain! And that’s just a few … stay tuned!

Visit our release page to see how Heather used her witch and broom box designs alongside other products in the Essentials by Ellen Fall release.

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