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Julie is combining cross-stitching and simple back-stitching to create a boho rainbow design—not only pretty on a card, but you could also frame this as wall art!  Read on for the secret weapon behind today’s embroidery project!

Hello, it’s me, Julie!  A few weeks ago I shared an ombré cross-stitch heart pattern that I created manually.  This actually took a considerable amount of time.  But, one savvy stamper by the name of Joan B (some of you may know her as Dear Paperlicious), messaged me to share her discovery of an online cross-stitch pattern generator!  YAY!!!  If creating your own cross-stitch patterns interests you, here’s a link to FlossCross.  I tried it out, and found it to be very handy for creating the pattern for today’s project! 

The downloadable pattern is not drawn exactly to scale; please consider it an approximate guide. 


  • When using the FlossCross pattern generator to create a pattern that will work with a Piercing Plate, you need to count the number of squares across and down within the grid on the die, and then input that information into the pattern generator.
  • Depending on your pattern, your project may be slightly off-center from the Piercing Plate, due to the fixed number of piercing holes on the plate itself.  You can easily compensate for this by trimming the panel down accordingly, before mounting it to your base card.
  • You could easily add another arc to this rainbow if you want something a little larger or shorten the rainbow by adjusting the number of stitches in the rows, etc. For example, maybe you want a horizontal layout vs. the vertical shown in this project.
  • Boho color schemes tend to feature neutral tones, but you can always swap in more traditional rainbow hues.


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