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Make a beautifully foiled gift box using a low profile die with a floral pattern!

Hello, it’s me, Julie!  I’m using the Mod Floral Die to hot foil stamp a lovely, all-over pattern! This is such an easy way to give a “luxe” finish to your gift packaging! 


  • Every machine is calibrated slightly differently, and different brands of foil have their own unique nuances; test, and make notes so you know what settings you need the next time you want to foil with that particular product.
  • With the Gemini Foil Press, I always begin with the lowest setting + a 15 sec. timer for my initial tests; then, I determine if I need a shim, OR, as in the case of the Casual Greetings Hot Foil Stamp, simply sending it through twice (immediately, while the die is still hot)  gave beautiful results.
  • Magnetic tweezers, like the ones that come with the Foil Press, work great not only for protecting your fingers from the heat, but also for simply avoiding scratching/damaging foil sheets with your fingernails when trying to grasp a die.
  • You can selectively foil a portion of a die or hot foil stamp by trimming the materials down to size—even better, you may have scraps of foil and card stock that will work perfectly so, why not use them?
  • When die cutting from the reverse side of patterned paper, it helps to use a light source to see through and position the die in the right spot; I use a window (during daylight hours, of course) but you could also use a light table, a bright lamp or flashlights.



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