Meet The Maker

Meet The Maker – Neat & Tangled

As part of our United We Flourish campaign, we want to foster growth of this amazing crafty community by making connections. We are better together! Allow us to introduce our fabulous friend Danielle Walls from Neat & Tangled!

Danielle Walls from Neat & Tangled

Danielle is the talented boss babe behind the awesomeness that is Neat & Tangled! We love Danielle’s designs, the kindness she spreads in the crafty world and we also get a kick out of her sense of humor! Do yourself a favor and follow Neat & Tangled on Instagram!

Learn a little bit more about what sparks Danielle and what a typical day looks like for her HERE! Spoiler…there is no such thing as a typical day for Danielle! LOL!

And this weekend, treat yourself to 25% off Neat & Tangled in the EH shop!

Neat & Tangled sale at Ellen Hutson LLC
Meet The Maker

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