Cardmaking, EBE by Julie Ebersole, Essentials By Ellen, Stamping


Have you ever tried to paint with coffee?  Julie grabbed a jar of instant coffee and created her own paints to make this fun, mono-chromatic coffee scented card!

I’ve seen it done, and wanted to try for myself so I raided my pantry for some instant coffee!  This project turned out so cute and I love that my studio smelled like coffee as I was playing around—the finished card also smells of coffee—gosh that’s a heavenly scent to receive when you open the envelope! Coffee-lovers, am I right?!


  • Mix varying ratios of hot water to instant coffee granules to create different intensities of coffee paint; the more diluted with water, the lighter the color and the “thicker” the coffee, the more concentrated the color. Hot water also helps the coffee to dissolve better/faster.
  • Thin/paler coffee moves and paints a lot like watercolor paints do; thicker coffee does not have the same flow, and paints more like an acrylic paint might.
  • Even when dry, “painted” coffee can be reactivated with water and you can use a clean wet paint brush to lift out excess coffee or create patterns in what you’ve already painted.
  • Thick/dark coffee will dry shiny; thin/paler coffee will dry with a matte finish.