How To Make Easy Alcohol Ink Backgrounds for Easter Cards

Are you looking for some fun cards to make this spring? We think we can help with these easy Easter cards using alcohol inks! Carly is sharing a few techniques she like to use with alcohol inks that make adorable eggs. And as a bonus, decorating paper eggs is less expensive than decorating real eggs these days, LOL!

I love an easy technique and working with alcohol inks couldn’t be easier! You can’t make a mistake because even if the result isn’t what you were expecting, it will be beautiful!

And after you have a ball making alcohol ink backgrounds, you can create easy & adorable Easter cards with the Essentials by Ellen Essential Eggs!

See how the alcohol ink backgrounds come together in this quick process video…


  • Protect your table and work on a non-stick or glass mat.
  • Yupo is a great surface for alcohol inks because it’s a synthetic, waterproof, bright white paper that keeps colors bright and tolerates wet on wet techniques without warping. Glossy cardstock and vellum are also fun to use with alcohol inks.
  • Choose colors of alcohol ink that will blend nicely together to avoid “mud”.
  • Don’t like the results? Add more rubbing alcohol and start over.
  • Experiment with different tools to move the inks around and create patterns like a blower (or straw), an applicator tool, a pipette, paper towels and more.
  • Clean alcohol ink bottle tips & caps to keep them from being sticky & hard to open next time.
  • Always work in a well-ventilated area when using alcohol products.
  • Have fun and enjoy the process!