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DIY Trophy with the Woodsy Lady & Brandi Kincaid

I can hardly believe it took me this long to use one of the Leading Ladies this way, but today I’m sharing a simple, easy way to turn your favorite lady into a trophy!

After talking with a friend about her upcoming hike, a many month long undertaking, and hearing her bravery in just choosing to do this new thing, I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said to downplay her next adventure: “It’s not like I’m getting a trophy at the end.” Well, I can change that – how about a trophy card at the beginning?

To get started, I grabbed one of the new Leading Lady stamps, the Woodsy Lady, some golden paper cut into some basic triangle shapes I could use to build a trophy base, and a large solid color card base. I went large for this card at almost 4.5×7.5, but you could do whatever size works best for you, shortening or lengthening the base.

To give the base a bit of texture, I used the new Pattern Play stamp to add a few stripes to the trophy base, embossing them, as I did with all the trophy pieces, with a simple gold powder. This tone on tone color with a bit of metallic shimmer gives a really simple, understated look, but lets the lines of the stamp shine. I toyed with creating a faux bois base to resemble the classic wood you often see, but decided that will wait for my next lady trophy, because this one needed to be solid gold.

After creating the base, I embossed the lady herself, and a sentiment to add to the trophy to help cheer on my friend.

Now that all the pieces for my trophy were basically ready for building, I turned to my card base. For a bit more cheer, and to bring that gold shimmer to the blue, I chose another sentiment, this time one of the large, bold ones from the Crafty Lady Says stamp set, and once again stamped and embossed the words. I LOVE that bold gold phrases against the blue.

I used a simple tape runner to connect all my trophy pieces, and then decided a bit of depth was just the thing to make it pop against the base. Foam tape to the rescue!

With everything in place, this is a card that takes on new life each time the light catches it, but no matter which way you hold it, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the Leading Ladies in our lives. Everyone deserves a trophy for showing up for this life, so why not make that happen with stamps and paper?

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