Create DIY Foil Letterpress Stationery

The Gemini Foilpress makes it so easy to create your own foiled letterpress stationery right at home! The Essentials by Ellen Letterpress Paper yields my personal favorite and also the most impressive results (pun intended!), but the exact same method can also be applied to regular card stock.


  • The FoilPress does not need to be heated for de-bossing die/foil stamp designs into Letterpress paper; the sandwich is the same as for foiling, just minus the foil. Letterpress paper has a high cotton fiber content and is not as compressed as standard card stocks; impressions from the foil stamps/plates will be yummier. Oops! I meant more prominent. LOL!
  • A similar de-bossed (also referred to as blind embossed) effect can be achieved with standard card stocks but may require the use of an additional card stock shim or two. Add one shim at a time as you experiment–too tight a sandwich may not go through the Gemini Junior or may damage the platform or die cutting machine. Every machine is calibrated slightly differently and the weight of your card stock makes a difference.
  • When pre-heating the die/foil stamp on the FoilPlatform, placing the polycarbonate plate over top will help trap the heat and speed up the pre-heating.
  • Use the timer and heat settings according to the Materials Matrix; over-heating the die/foil stamp can interfere with the quality of your foil transfer. Ask me how I know…
  • Power down the heating element in between projects (or keep the platform disengaged from the base); it really doesn’t take long to re-heat again, and avoids over-heating the die/foil stamp as well as wearing out the platform itself prematurely.
  • Excess foil bits can be removed with a sand eraser (Letterpress paper has a more delicate surface than standard card stock so sand away gently/lightly to avoid damage).


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