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Julie’s here today with a how-to for hot-foil stamping your shaker card windows! This one features the new Hey You Hot Foil stamp and coordinating die, for a super fun birthday greeting!

Hello, hello! Julie here with a fun shaker project! (above) And, of course, it involves foil. Because birthday. And special. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m like a magpie when it comes to foiled stationery; that beautiful, mess-free shine gets me every.single.time.

I’ll be recreating a project I made earlier at release time, but with a slight modification. And, I’ll also be showing you how to use up the foil “waste”–I love it when I can get a two-fer! BOOYAH!!!

The above is the original that today’s project is based on.

And, below is what I did with the “waste”; I happened to have a base card with confettis already stamped on it and I just popped up those shiny letters and BOOM! Can I get a witness? 🎵

I really wish foil were easier to photograph; it’s nigh impossible to really show off just how gorgeous the effect is. You really have to see it IRL.


  • Always do some pre-tests with the foil, the platform/system and paper/surface you are using; a good starting point is to begin with the Gemini FoilPress is the lowest heat setting, and 15-16 seconds timer.
  • Write down the successful settings and keep them handy for future reference. For some types of hot foil stamps, you may need a shim and for others a shim results in over-foiling.
  • To remove over-foiling on Crystal Clear Plastic/Acetate, try using a cotton swap with acetone (Nail Polish Remover). Acetone will also remove accidental foil on your hot foil stamps (allow foil stamps to cool completely before cleaning with acetone.)
  • To remove over-foiling on card stocks, try using a Sand Eraser and/or a white photopolymer eraser; the Tombow Zero Eraser can help when dealing with tight spots.
  • If you plan to foil the “waste” with the Press Plate, cut your foil to as large as needed to accommodate the surface you want to use it on or the size and shape you plan to die cut from it.
  • When using the Press Plate to foil waste, allow it to pre-heat on the platform for 1-2 minute, before adding your foil/paper combination. After adding the foil/paper, start with a 15-20 second timer. I find I usually need to add a shim when foiling with the Press Plate.
  • After foiling the waste, don’t forget to remove the clear carrier sheet.


Miscellaneous: Acetone/Nail Polish Remover + Cotton Swabs for cleaning over-foiling on Clear Plastic

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